Columbia City Building Update (originally posted 2/9)

Below is a reposting of Scott’s incredibly detailed Columbia City Building Update from 2/9/13 on the Columbia City Facebook page:
It’s been two months since my previous (and first!) building update in this group so I thought I’d share some updates that I’ve been collecting. Starting with the heart of Columbia City and going further afield from there.
The former Angie’s tavern site on Rainer:
Permit link1890603_10203242914580592_2080759685_o This new 2-story building looks complete from the outside except the power lines aren’t hooked up yet. No public indication of tenants.
The photo with this post is the Angeline Apartments and PCC store which is now really moving along.
They look very close to casting the first elevated concrete deck along Rainier.
Permit link
The Royal Esquire Club (5016 Rainier Ave S.) has recently begun installing 4 windows (two on either side of the front door) where there was solid wall before. This work is similar to what was done at the Royal Room a few years ago just a few feet further north.
The former auto shop at 3714 S. Hudson St (behind the new Angie’s building) seems to be in a state of suspended renovation.
Permit link
The Zion Prep apartment project across from the light rail station is scheduled to have its Recommendation Meeting at the SE Design Review Board meeting on February 25 at 6:30 at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center. The meeting last summer was the “early design guidance” meeting. If the board finds the project acceptable enough to approve, then this meeting this will be the last time to provide comment to the board in a public setting (comments can be emailed to the planner mentioned in links).Permit link
Design Review packet from last summer
The revised project plans are likely to be posted about a week before the meeting. They can be found here when posted.
Quadrant “Pearl Townhomes” at 5153 and 5159 42nd Ave S (north of the Crescent Apartments (the circular building) and south of Farrar street dead end)
Permit link
Design Review link (large pdf with drawings of project)
Quote from Design Review packet:
The project proposes (12) new 3-story dwelling units developed within a
combination of structures. The 42nd Ave S street face hosts a 6-unit Rowhouse
structure containing private garages with parking stalls for a total of 10 vehicles.
Within the property are two townhouse structures; (1) 4-unit structure and (1)
2-unit structure. Townhouse units are provided with one space per unit surface
parking. All garages and parking stalls are accessed via a common drive court
with curb cut located on 42nd Ave S.
The property overlooks and contains a beautiful wetland buffer to be protected
throughout the project. Amenity areas are designed into the remaining property
in the form of community green space and private yards.
Another Quadrant townhome project on the south side of the Crescent Apartments had a Design Review meeting in October 2012 and Land Use Permits applied for in February 2013. It’s not clear if this project is moving forward or not. There are two addresses but this was one project for Design Review.
5207 42nd Ave S
permit link
5215 42nd Ave S (Design Review packet refers to 5213 42nd Ave S)
permit link
Quote from Design Review packet:
Design Review link
The property owner’s objective is to construct 16 to 17, 3-story townhouses
with as many single car private parking stalls per unit as topography and
design will allow
The Kin On Health Care Center at 4416 South Brandon St. has applied for:
Land Use Application to allow grading of 3,188 cu. yds. of material (2,677 cu. yds. cut, 11 cu. yds. fill) to facilitate a 5,631 expansion to an existing nursing home by enclosing an open carport and relocating 25 parking spaces in an environmentally critical area. A total of 68 parking spaces will be provided on the site.
Permit link
Kin On’s property wraps around the Group Health building and connects to 42nd Ave S. according to the King County Parcel viewer
The apartment building that was once proposed for 39th Ave S and Rainier will have its Land Use permit that was first issued back in 2009 expire in a couple weeks so I believe the project will have to start from zero with Design Review process.
Permit link:
Quote from permit:
Land Use Application to allow a four-story building containing four live/work units and 1,729 sq. ft. of retail at ground level with 59 apartments above. Parking for 60 vehicles to be provided at and partially below grade within the structure. Existing structures to be demolished. Project includes 1,000 cu. yds. of grading.A construction permit was issued on December 21, 2013 for Quadrant project at 3807 MLK Way S. (aka 2709 S Charlestown St). Two forested properties directly south of the Asian Counseling and Referral Service.
Permit link
From DPD:
Construct east townhome structure this permit. [Construct two (2) 4-unit townhome structures. Parking for eight (8) vehicles within the structures.] Review and process for (2) A/P’s under 6334133.

There’s a large project proposed on the hillside just above the QFC near Lowe’s and the Mt. Baker light rail station.
This link includes a map
There was a Hearing Examiner meeting in late January so this looks to be an active project per this link:

Apartment project next to the former Beacon Hill Elementary school site (now El Centro de la Raza) will be in front of the Design Review Board on February 11 (this Tuesday) at 6:30 at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center:
DRB meeting info
Permit link
Large pdf of proposed design

Preferred design option in the pdf shows two separate buildings.

The Safeway gas station just north of Columbia City received a Land Use permit in January.
Land Use permit link

The demolition and construction permit reviews have been completed so it appears that as soon as the applicant wants to pay the permits can be issued and demolition of the Silver Fork restaurant will begin.
That’s a wrap for now!

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