Zion Prep has Relocated. Design Review Meeting (2/25) for Major Redevelopment of the Former Campus

Following up on the post Scott wrote on the Columbia City Facebook page, as of the start of the month, Zion Prep, has indeed relocated to the Central District.

Zion Prep

The Design Review meeting for the proposed “244 residential, market rate” apartments on the former Zion Prep campus is this Tuesday, February 25th at 6:30pm at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center.

Zion 2

The Design Review Board packet, complete with drawings (it’s 75 pages) can be viewed here.

Additionally, the permit drawings submitted to the city at the end of last year can be found here.

According to The Wolff Company, the development objectives are as follows:

This project proposes 244 residential, market rate apartments for the Columbia City neighborhood. The apartments
will include a mix of one and two bedroom flats and two bedroom townhouse style apartments. The project will
include 91 enclosed parking spaces and 121 surface parking spaces. The development includes 216,824 sf for
residential apartments, 72,055 sf for enclosed parking, amenity areas , offices, and enclosed circulation. The total area
of enclosed space is 288,279 sf.

[The design] intends to provide housing that is conveniently located within walking distance to both the
SoundTransit Columbia City Station, as well as the commercial and retail district along Rainier Avenue.

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