Columbia School: Gateway Project

Johnson + Sutherland, the architects located in the courtyard behind Empire Espresso, have a new Columbia Gateway project posted in their window. As they describe on their website,

CCG DD Rendered PlanJohnson+Southerland is working with the Columbia City Business Association and the Seattle School District to improve the gateway experience into the Columbia City business district from the light rail station. The project is located along South Edmunds Street which is the pedestrian connection from the light rail station to the neighborhood. The site occupies the northeast corner of the Columbia School property and the adjacent right of way.

The design emphasizes a signature streetscape that gives pedestrians a sense that they have arrived somewhere-the “There” there-with a 300′ long wave-shaped

Perspective_Version1.psdconcrete bench, lit at night by solar powered lighting and bold paving patterns that may be repeated all the way to the light rail

station. The design includes a generous stair to an upper park area that will benefit the neighborhood community as well as students and staff at the Columbia School. Park details include seating and a grove of trees in planter boxes to be built by the school’s shop program.

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