Early Morning Gunshots

The Columbia City Facebook page as well as the Rainier Valley Post’s “What’s on Your Mind?” thread for this week have neighbors concerned about gunshots this morning around 5am near Genesee .

Vince on the RVP:

I was awoken this morning (3/14/2014) at 4:07 AM with a “POP!…POP POP POP POP POP!” About a half minute later I looked out my window and saw a police car parked at the Genesee Park car lot tear out of there and head up 42nd Ave. S.. According to the Seattle.gov “My Neighborhood Map,” it was a drive-by shooting that took place at 47th Ave. S. and S. Hudson St., which is only a few blocks from my home. Five bullets flying into a house IS a big deal. Why isn’t this crime being reported by any of the local media? What is going on in the house that was shot at that would make it a target? It would be a huge comfort if the Post could get a comment from the SPD so that neighbors will know if this is the beginning of a gang-related free-for-all in the Genesee Park neighborhood

Susan on the CC FB page:

Does anyone know the cause of/outcome of all the automatic gunfire around Rainier Ave and S. Lucile St at 5:00 a.m today?

The Seattle Police Department tweeted the following at 5:55:

Beat:R3, SHOTS – IP/JO – INCLUDES HEARD/NO ASSAULT at 52XX BLOCK OF 42 AV S reported on 3/14/2014 4:51 AM, Call# 14000078369

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