Columbia City Burglary

The Seattle Times, as well as a number of other news outlets, are reporting on a knife-wielding burglar who attempted to break into a home near the 3700 block of S. Angeline early this morning. John de Leon reports:

Police are looking for the burglar who tried to slash a man with a knife early this morning during an attempted break-in at a Columbia City apartment.

According to police, a couple was asleep in bed in their apartment in the 3700 block of South Angeline Street when they heard someone opening a bedroom window just before 5 a.m. The man jumped out of bed and tried to close the window when the burglar tried to slash him with a knife.

The victim was only grazed by the knife, police said.

The burglar then fled.

Police searched the neighborhood but weren’t able to find the man.

One of the victims told police they may have seen him earlier at a day labor site near Columbia City

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