Southside Booty Camp Starting Soon

The season’s first outdoor session of Southside Booty Camp is starting March 24th:

Southside Booty Camp is a holistic fitness program that trains women to be functionally fit by mixing resistance and cardio training through a variety of exercises in the great outdoors. The workouts vary daily, weekly, and monthly and can be adjusted for a range of fitness levels. The support, camaraderie and motivation of a daily practice with a group of women who have all decided to commit to fitness really boosts your motivation and the ability to push through the tough parts.

SSBC_SmallgroupExercising outdoors (Seward Park for south enders, Volunteer Park for Capitol Hill folks) offers a unique opportunity to experience and connect with nature and focus on your body. While we do meet outdoors there are plenty of covered areas for our workouts if the weather does not cooperate.

Jessica Breznau is the owner and one of the trainers of Southside Booty Camp.  She holds a certification in Outdoor Action Fitness through the American Council for Exercise, has studied C.H.E.K. (Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiology as created by Paul Chek) and functional fitness philosophy and is currently training with Russian Kettlebells. Her journey into fitness and health inspired her to create an opportunity for women in the South Seattle neighborhoods who also desire to reclaim their bodies as their own. She lives in the Rainier Beach area and enjoys spending her free time in her garden.

Monday, March 24, marks the start of the first outdoor session of the season for Southside Booty Camp. Check the website  or Facebook for more details and to sign up

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