Interested in a Tool Lending Library?

There’s a lot of chatter over on the Columbia City Facebook page about possibly starting up a tool lending library in the South end. There are a number of motivated neighbors getting behind the idea.

Sal writes:tumblr_l0zr7jIMyW1qzv12bo1_500-1

Tool Lending Library. Ready for it? Trying to gauge interest and availability here on FB. Comment with what help you can bring to the task – Brainstorming, empty garage (just at first) governance and paperwork (West Seattle Tool Library generously shares most of what we need), dollars, Tools, (I have lots to donate), other community group connections (who else would be interested?). If enough are interested, we’ll have a real meeting. Let’s just do this. BTW, I am an accountant with 30 years doing finance and planning for nonprofits, so I am not flying totally blind. Cheers!

If you are interested, in support, or want to get involved, be sure to head over to the Columbia City Facebook page and join in the discussion. There are already talks of meetings, potential locations, and available tools.

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