Car Prowler Caught: 35th and Ferdinand

Kristin posted to the CC Facebook page that the police were successful in catching a car prowler early this morning at 35th and Edmunds:

Yay for Columbia City. One car prowler off our streets for at least the day. I saw him break into my neighbor’s car on the corner of 35th and Ferdinand at 5:30am before breaking into mine. Thankfully, quick response from police caught him in my car and he was arrested.

…They came up without sirens in hopes of catching the guy while still in my car, which they were able to do. Caught red handed. No where to go except to the police station.

Other neighbors, who were looking to see if he matched descriptions of other suspicious individuals who’ve been making the rounds in the neighborhood, asked for a description. Kristin explained:

He was a white guy wearing a black stocking type cap and a grey and black jacket

If you’ve been following the chatter on the CC Facebook page, there’s been a lot of talk lately of increased break-ins, burglary attempts, suspicious persons, even reported gunshots, etc. There’s some good dialogue happening there about how to get involved and keep the neighborhood safe. Be sure to comment here or head over to the CC Seattle Facebook group to be a part of the discussion.

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