Columbia City Non-Profit Benefits from Lack of NBA Deal

KPLU is reporting that with the NBA deal for the Sonics stalling out, Chris Hansen has “temporarily handed over” his SODO warehouse to Columbia City A PLUS Youth ProgramGirl_Race, an after school non-profit sports and mentoring program:

The move couldn’t come at a better time for the nonprofit, says its founder and executive director Tavio Hobson.

“The space that we’re currently in [in the Columbia City neighborhood] is actually being torn down, so our kids are going to be homeless, for lack of a better term,” Hobson said.

Haobson says Hansen had been interested in helping the organization for more than a year, but they hadn’t figured out exactly how until now.

The A PLUS program will move into the warehouse, located one block south of Safeco Field, in roughly one month. Hobson says the new space has enough room for a basketball court, two classrooms and a few offices for the organization’s 14 full-time staff.

The A PLUS program uses organized sports as a “hook,” Hobson says, to get students engaged with their education.

“We pick the kids up from school. We bring them on site. They get a healthy meal, because we want to make sure that they’re fed. After they get that healthy meal, they get intense academic tutoring,” Hobson said. “The saying in our program goes: ‘No academics, no sports.'”

To find out more about A PLUS and the move, click here to read the rest of the article or here to head to the official A PLUS website.

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