Tin Umbrella Gets Parklet Permit

This news is a week or so old, but I just stumbled on it.

Hillman City’s Tin Umbrella was awarded one out of ten parklet permits from the City of Seattle’s Department of Transportation. If you are not sure what a parklet is, click here. From Tin Umbrella’s blog:TinUWebBanner-300x61

Congratulations South Seattle!!!! Hillman City was awarded one of Seattle Department of Transportation‘s TEN parklet permits, to create an open, out-door public space, outside Tin Umbrella Coffee to encourage connection & community!!
A HUGE thank you to Hillman City resident & Tin Umbrella Coffee supporter, Karen Haight, for leading the charge on this sweet project, that will benefit all in our neighborhood. Check it out: http://sdotblog.seattle.gov/ We were the ONLY location selected in South Seattle, and we now have the chance to build the Rainier Valley’s first public parklet!
Follow the adventure on our very own Hillman City Parklet at Tin Umbrella
Our parklet design will be submitted to the city by mid-April, and the parklet program requires us to start construction in June so our Hillman City families can enjoy the outdoor space during the summer. We already have a landscape designer generously completing the plans pro bono. (♥)

 We now need the help of our creative and talented neighbors: our mission is to obtain donated materials and construction services and to raise enough money to cover the permit fees. I am very hopeful there are some talented neighbors out there who might be willing to help us out in these areas!

If you’re interested in pitching in, please contact Karen at hcparklet@gmail.com. We especially need creative minds who can help us with the permitting, materials, construction and fundraising. Karen will be coordinating a more formal fundraising effort in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.

One thought on “Tin Umbrella Gets Parklet Permit

  1. […] Tin Umbrella — this coffee shop is in walking distance (just like my Houston house!) and roasts their own beans on Fridays. The owner, Joya, has done a lot to promote community in Hillman City including applying and gaining approval for a neighborhood parklet. […]

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