Update from the Beacon Hill Bike Park Meeting

Yesterday, the Slog (The Stranger’s online blog), recently posted Ansel Herz’s coverage of the March 25th public meeting regarding the Beacon Hill Bike Park at Cheasty. The post highlights the various viewpoints presented at the packed meeting and extends into 30+ comments that are also worth exploring.


Melanie Coerver

From The Slog (be sure to click here to read the full post):

…”I’m bad at guessing numbers, but I’d say a couple hundred people showed up for the public comment meeting and many of them were of the angry yelling variety,” Coerver says. “Most of the opposition had hysterical complaints that the project would cause landslides and kill wildlife and that they hate this project because they don’t own a mountain bike and don’t like people who do.”

But then I called up Ed Newbold, a talented wildlife artist (seriously, I was randomly admiring his artwork without knowing who he was at Pike Place Market the other day) who’s an outspoken opponent of the project—he even took out an ad in the Seattle Times last week. And goddammit, he sounds downright reasonable and thoughtful.”I have a lot of respect for the people who are proposing this. I don’t question their motives at all,” says Newbold, who’s lived on Beacon Hill for thirty years. “The pro-bike people have a great track record of working on restoration in the southern part of the Cheasty forest. They’re not out to do evil or harm.”

But then he rattles off the beautiful little birds—Wilson’s warblers, Rufous humming birds—whose habitat might be threatened by the project. He claims the greenbelt is effectively a wetland, citing the presence of skunk cabbage, an indicator for wet terrain, as well as four houses that have slid in the area, including one that’s been condemned. “The reason it’s a greenbelt is essentially that the land’s unstable,” he says…

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