Car Runs into Nail Salon: Rainier and Edmunds

A car has smashed into Live From LA Nail Salon (not entirely sure of the exact name, another sign reads Fashion Nail and Hair Salon), at the corner of Rainier and Edmunds causing extensive damage to the building, there are no injuries.

Piecing together a few accounts of what happened from the owner of Exclusive Persistent Image (the salon that’s attached) and the owner of (who didn’t witness the accident, but heard the account from those involved), here’s a rudimentary run-down of what happened:


Click to enlarge. This photo shows the complete damage. No damage facing Edmunds.

A black red Mercedes was headed south on Rainier. A grey, mid-eighties Dodge Dakota with a canopy was headed north, attempting to make a left turn on Edmunds. Both went for it (the Mercedes was headed straight and thus traveling much faster) at the yellow light as it turned red. They hit in the intersection and the Mercedes got knocked out of control into the nail salon. Folks came running. Everyone was ok. The Mercedes backed up onto Edmunds. The Dakota stuck around for a bit and eventually took off when it seemed that most of the attention was on the building and not them. The police are on the lookout for it. Everyone in the Mercedes is fine and working with the police. The owner of the building and of the salon are there figuring things out and assessing the damage. Again, no one was hurt.

Of course, everything above is from second-hand accounts of what happened and is by no means an official report of the accident.

The damage seems to be primarily to the windows and door. The corner, supporting brick columns were not hit.

If anyone has anything to add, please do.

4 thoughts on “Car Runs into Nail Salon: Rainier and Edmunds

  1. A few have asked on the facebook page: Unsure if the helicopter above Alaska and Rainier is related. Also not sure if there is an update on the Dodge Dakota that took off (essentially turning this into a hit and run). Before I left the scene this evening, there were definitely police officers discussing the damage to the Dakota and how it would help with identifying and finding it.

  2. Looks like the helicopter is connected to a robbery at 34th and Oregon:

    KCSOAirsupport ‏@KCSOAirsupport
    Assisted Seattle PD with a residential burglary near 34th and S Oregon

  3. Matt says:

    Just confirmed with the construction crew that the new doors and windows are temporary until something gets approved by the Landmarks board.

  4. […] in April, a car slammed into a nail salon on the corner of Edmunds and Rainier, after hitting a truck making a turn. Speed was a factor, unsurprisingly, as were both vehicles […]

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