Seattle Times Reviews Watercress

Columbia City’s newest restaurant, Watercress Vietnamese Bistro (a few doors down from Full Tilt), has been racking up the positive reviewsl-2 in the local papers and online. Tyrone Beason at The Seattle Times has the latest:

Loan Hua had a huge challenge in front of her when she recently took over a humble billiards hall set at the back of a nondescript strip mall in Rainier Valley: how to turn a space filled with pool tables into a nice, sit-down establishment.

Hua, who lives nearby, wanted the kind of restaurant she and her husband might pick for a casual dinner out in the hood, someplace inexpensive yet high quality that also honors her Southeast Asian heritage, and that’s what Watercress delivers.

The menu: Broken up into sections devoted to pho, rice dishes, vermicelli noodle dishes with chicken, pork, beef, prawns or tofu, vegetarian entrees and specialties, along with a large selection of appetizers, the menu is overwhelming in a good way.

Beason goes on to describe the menu, his order, his reaction, and why you should check it out. Click here to read the whole thing.

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