Hillman City #3 on Seattle Met’s “Hottest Neighborhoods”

Columbia City’s neighbor, Hillman City, was named #3 on Seattle Met’s “10 Hottest Neighborhoods:5f8d6dce3333080a585bcba6ad14439b

3. Hillman City >> Investors

Rare is the buyer who actually sets out to live in Hillman City. Some people don’t even know it’s a neighborhood. It won’t be this way in a few years, says Redfin agent Collin Horn. “Columbia City has been an up-and-coming neighborhood for a while. As prices start to get higher and more competitive, buyers start creeping south.” Specifically south to Hillman City, with its streets of older single-family homes in need of basic updates. But some of the city’s cheapest single-family homes are about to collide with some of the highest value-change forecasts. Horn says Hillman City looks a lot like Columbia City did a decade ago; now homes in that neighborhood have received some TLC and are on the market once again at higher prices. “Hillman City has so much in common and is so close by, he says. “The price per square foot jumps over $100 as you head to Beacon Hill or Columbia City.”

Hillman City also has one of the city’s highest percentages of kids (nearly a quarter of its residents are younger than 18) and is relatively diverse (more than three-quarters of residents are not white). And some hospitable newcomers like Union Bar and Tin Umbrella Coffee—home to one of the city’s pilot parklets—are giving a main-street feel to the stretch of Rainier Avenue near South Orcas Street.

Percentage of the Population Younger Than 18: 24
Projected 2014 Median Home Value: $350,800
77% Nonwhite

Essential Hillman City Pale ales and porters from the two women behind Spinnaker Bay Brewing, and sustenance from the food trucks regularly parked out front

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