5-Story Self-Storage Construction Underway by Safeway

A reader wrote in with some information about the new construction that’s begun by Safeway, wanting to make sure neistorageghbors know what’s being constructed at 3736 Rainier Ave S.

Although it’s a bit north of Columbia City and the info’s been available for some time, it’s worth posting as many assume the recently-started construction is for an addition to the Rainier Court SEED development. It is not. It is a 5-story self storage building. The full Design Review Packet can be found here (I believe it is the most recent).

If anyone has more info about the history and approval process of this project, be sure to let readers know.

(Thanks for the info, Douglas!)

One thought on “5-Story Self-Storage Construction Underway by Safeway

  1. Ray Akers says:

    I can confirm that the new project is a 5-story public storage facility. It’s been in the works for a couple of years. SEED is planning to build another apartment building, similar to The Dakota, just east of The Dakota.

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