Flying Lion Brewing to Open Next to Full Tilt

Although the details are still a bit unclear, it looks like a new craft brewery and taproom plans on opening in the former thrift store space next to Full Tilt. Flying Lion Brewery appears to have sig1898054_624597740929357_225382173_nned a lease and is in the process of prepping the space and getting all of their permits in place (click for details).

A quick Google search leads to this Facebook page, this Instagram account, this Twitter feed, and this website (under development)–all of which seems to line up with the rumor and the permits. From the looks of things, it looks like it’s a pretty interesting operation–including a bike powered grain mill.

If anyone knows more (or if you are connected to Flying Lion directly), be sure to chime in and let us know more.

2 thoughts on “Flying Lion Brewing to Open Next to Full Tilt

  1. Victor S. says:

    I’m no master-brewer, but this seems like a really small space for a brewery. Spinnaker is considered small, right? Is this going to be a full-fledged operation? Micro-micro brewery? The facebook pictures seem like this is more of a homebrew operation that’s getting a permanent space. Whatever it is, I am all for it………glad these people are taking a chance and opening up shop. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  2. Ryan says:

    I walked by their spot on a fluke the other day and had a conversation with the brewmaster. Forgot his name but sounds like they are ramping up for some local delicacy. They gave me a sample and think it has alot of potential. I’d watch out for these guys. Their setup is quite atypical yet the results are all that matters. Welcome indeed!

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