Mt. Baker Rezone Meeting on Thursday


Image from RVP

The Rainier Valley Post has a nice piece up on the greater implications of the potential rezone around the Mt. Baker light rail station. Within the proposal is the potential for large-scale buildings (up to 10-20 stories) and some greater traffic/pedestrian changes. The RVP’s entire piece (including the links to other discussions and articles on the proposal) is worth worth reading:

This week, the community is invited to attend a public hearing on the City’s controversial plans to rezone the Mt. Baker/North Rainier area of the Rainier Valley.

The Seattle City Council is currently considering legislation that would rezone 109 parcels of land across a 26-acre swath of land around the Mt. Baker neighborhood in the North Rainier Valley. The zoning changes are part of the North Rainier Neighborhood Plan, drafted by the Department of Planning and Development between 2009 and 2010, which was designed as a blueprint for increasing density and walkability around the Mt. Baker light rail station by adding more housing and businesses.

The City says the plan was designed as a “joint effort” with neighborhood residents to “encourage future development that brings new business to the area, creates a more pedestrian friendly environment and encourages use of light rail.”

If you want to find out more and be a part of the discussion:

Tell your elected officials this Thurs., May 1, at a public hearing with the committee at the 2100 Building (2100 24th Ave. S.) at 6 pm. Each member of the public will have up to 2 minutes to address the committee, and public comment sign-up sheets will be available at 5:30 p.m. Seattle City Councilmembers Mike O’Brien, Tim Burgess and Nick Licata are expected to attend.

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