Faces of Columbia City: Columbia City Bouquet

Those neighbors who are active on the Columbia City Facebook page are probably well aware of local photographer, Tilly Goble, and her beautiful “Faces of Columbia City” project that she’s been working on and sharing with the group on a regular basis.

An accomplished photographer specializing in family and birth photos, Tilly has been selecting Columbia City neighbors to highlight in thoughtful photo essays and short interviews which provide an intimate glimpse into the diverse individuals who make up the neighborhood. The results are posted on her website (Naissance Studios) and shared through the CC Facebook group.

I am very excited to report that Tilly is letting us highlight her ongoing project here as well in what I hope will be regular feature.seattle-family-photographer-3670

Her latest is on the owners of Columbia City Bouquet and provides a glimpse into the family behind this long-running Columbia City business:

…Our shop is over 100 years old and we have a good number of customers who have lived in the neighborhood for all their lives. There is a history and pride in the people. It is even in the folks that haven’t lived here as long because you can’t help but feel a part of what’s happening here. It is hard to not feel the presence of the neighbor that weaves itself through every street and person…

seattle-family-photographer-3696The entire post (as well as the earlier subjects of the “Faces” project) can be found here.

A big thanks to Tilly for letting us share!



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