Bicycle Sundays

I somehow missed the first one this past Sunday, so I figured it would be worth a post to have all the information in one place. Bicycle Sundays on Lake Washington Blvd. have officially begun. The Seattle Bike Blog has these details available from a post all the way back in February:photo-13-1024x490

The city has announced 12 Bicycle Sundays for 2014, the same number of events as 2013.

The open streets events on Lake Washington Boulevard in south Seattle date back to the 1970s. The iconic and beautiful lakefront road is closed to cars and opened to people running, biking, scootering and any other happy, people-powered way to move around you can think of. You may never see so many kids learning to ride a bike at the same time.

The events run from noon to 6 p.m. The street will be closed to cars from near Mount Baker Beach to Seward Park. Here are the 2014 dates:

  • May 4, 11 and 18

  • June 1, 15 and 29

  • July 6 and 13

  • August 10 and 24

  • September 14 and 2

In addition to the Seattle Bike Blog’s post (click to read the full thing…which also tackles a bit of the history of the event), Bicycle Sundays has its own official site as well through the city’s Parks and Rec. department.

One thought on “Bicycle Sundays

  1. Great way to spend Mother’s Day today…all was well until we saw a pedestrian get completely run over and blindsided by a spandex-clad and rather reckless road-biker. Blood, bruises, fire trucks, police, etc…pretty intense, pretty scary.

    She was hit from behind with zero warning and thrown about 5-10 feet face-down onto the pavement because two road-bikers were talking and not paying attention. She was completely run-over and hit at a very high speed. Probably needs some stitches on her chin and a whole lot of painkillers.

    Luckily there was a doctor on the scene who helped out until the paramedics arrived. Whoever you are…you were fantastic and completely controlled the situation.

    Note to all potential Tour-de-Francers: try slowing down a bit during an event that invites so many walkers, families, shaky kids just ditching the training wheels, dogs, casual riders, rollerbladers, grandparents, rollerblading grandparents (I saw a few!), joggers, foot traffic, young kids on scooters,etc. onto the road. Today’s incident could have easily been a whole lot worse…

    Glad everyone seems to be OK.

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