Update on Harrell’s “Starting Point” Meeting on Rainier Valley Crime


Photo from Seattle Met’s Publicola.

Seattle Met’s Publicola Blog has a short piece up on Seattle City Council member, Bruce Harrell’s,  meeting last night to to address recent crime in the Rainier Valley:

As it always does in Seattle when it comes to police issues, the public ping-pongs between either being outraged about over-aggressive policing and lacking police accountability, or outraged about rising crime and a lacking police force.

At a packed meeting at the Southeast Seattle Senior Center near Rainier Beach last night, where City Council member Bruce Harrell held a community meeting on public safety, the mood among the racially diverse and multi-generational crowd fell into the second category; neighbors were understandably upset at several recent high-profile shootings (five in the south end since April 19) and muggings, particularly those around light rail stations.

The piece covers the mood of the meeting, the comments from the attendees, as well as SPD’s advice to residents. Click here to read the whole thing.

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