More on Recent South Seattle Crime

King 5 is reporting on the South Seattle Crime Prevention Council’s recent thought’s on the crime that’s been hitting the South end. Heather Graf reports,

Gun violence and drive-by shootings are not the only crimes on the rise in South Seattle.  Community leaders say street robberies are up as well.On Sunday, a 56-year-old woman had a necklace ripped right off her neck as she walked home near South Juneau Street and 46th Street.

President of the South Seattle Crime Prevention Council Pat Murakami says she hears reports like that one all the time, so much so that she asked for specific statistics from Seattle Police.

What she found was this:  In just the first three months of 2014, there were 63 street robberies within 250 feet of a transit route in the south precinct.

Most of those involved cell phones.

“There are people on the train that are watching for others to use electronics,” said Murakami.

Oftentimes, she said the thieves are following people off the train and beyond the light rail station.   If the victim resists or puts up a fight, the thief sometimes has a car full of friends and accomplices waiting nearby who will jump in to help, and get aggressive, if needed.

“A lot of times they’re actually hurt, kicked, punched if they resist. And then the thieves hop in the car and make a fast getaway,” she said.

Murakami is doing more than encouraging people to put away their cell phones.  She’s also pushing for more surveillance cameras at and around light rail stations and bus stops.

After a string of shootings and gun violence in South Seattle last week, she says she feels like her community is under siege.

“We feel that only ten to 25 percent of all crime is actually even reported in the south end,” she said.

In addition, the Rainier Valley Post has more details up on even more crime-related news (click for the whole story):

There was another incident of shots fired in the Rainier Valley this weekend, bringing the tally to at least five in one week, as well as two south-end street robberies.

The latest incident of shots fired occurred just before 11 pm on Sunday night near Rainier Avenue South and 68th Avenue South in Rainier Beach. No injuries appear to have been reported.

Additionally, according to Detective Renee Witt, there were two south-end street robberies this weekend, including one arrest…


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