Introducing the Columbia City Development and Projects Map

Ever wonder what’s going in the giant lot across the street? What the plan really is for that development you’ve kind of heard about?Study

Over the past few weeks, Columbia City neighbor extraordinaire, Scott A., has been working to put together an incredibly useful tool for the neighborhood to answer those questions–an interactive map of Columbia City with all current construction and development projects highlighted (with links to the public records of what’s exactly happening, going in, or being planned).

The map matches the whole ‘let’s-stay-informed” idea of Columbia City Source– create an interactive tool that neighbors can search, navigate, and explore to stay more informed about what developments are being planned and their overall impact on the neighborhood.

Today, we are excited about making the map live and pushing it out to the neighborhood.

There’s a new Project/Development Map page in the menu bar above that will take you right to it.

So, dive in (selecting the full-screen mode works best) and let us know what you think. If you’ve got a project/development to submit, use the form at the bottom of the map page to let us know.

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