9 Shootings, 9 days

In an effort to make sure everyone knows what’s been going on just on the outskirts of Columbia City, I feel it’s important to continue to link to the reporting on the violent crime that’s been happening the past 2 weeks in the Rainier Valley.

Drive-bys, a body in a shopping cart, break-ins, 100+ shots fired, more shots fired in traffic…many long-term residents are reporting that the last two weeks rival some of their worst memories from the Rainier Valley’s past…others are saying that crime always picks up in the summer…

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been too much city-wide coverage of these events–even with the recent announcement of a new police chief.  The Rainier Valley Post, however, has the details. Be sure to click here to read the whole post:

…there have been no less than nine shootings in and around Seattle’s south-end, and yesterday, a dead body was discovered just a little more than half a mile from Seattle Police Department’s South Precinct. According to SPD, witnesses called 911 just before 11 a.m Thursday to report a young black man with dreadlocks pushing a shopping cart with what appeared to be a body in it near the 4000 block of S. Austin St.

Aside from yesterday’s gruesome discovery, which made for some salacious attention-grabbing headlines, many of the incidents have received little to no attention in the city’s wider media, and the south-end community itself seems divided over whether or not there’s a problem…

Update: Apparently this happened last night as well.

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