The Seattle Times Chimes in on the Mt. Baker Rezone

As the June 23rd vote on the Mt. Baker upzone approaches, expect more and more coverage from local news outlets on the potential development. The Seattle Times jumped in to the conversation today:

A proposed city rezone of a 10-block area around the Mount Baker light-rail station that includes allowing buildings up to 125 feet tall has drawn opposition from some Rainier Valley residents.

Similar “upzoning” has occurred in other Seattle neighborhoods, such as Roosevelt, with new or coming light-rail stations as the city tries to merge density with convenient transit.

Some Mount Baker residents say what the neighborhood needs isn’t taller buildings, but jobs, education and public safety.

And they’ve gotten a sympathetic ear from Seattle City Council member Bruce Harrell, who cast the lone “no” vote on the rezone when the issue was before the land-use and planning committee last week. Harrell, who lives in Seward Park, likely would represent Southeast Seattle under the new council district election plan.

He said he recognized the new district dynamic was at play in his concern about some neighborhood opposition to the rezone.

Other council members emphasized the region’s billion-dollar investment in light rail and the city’s goal of adding density around light-rail stations to reduce car traffic and attract new businesses, so that people can live where they work.

The full council is expected to vote on the plan June 23.

Although we’ve linked to the details on the proposal before, today’s Seattle Times piece goes through the issues one more time. Click here for the full story.

One thought on “The Seattle Times Chimes in on the Mt. Baker Rezone

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