New Restaurant Opening Soon: La Isla de Mojito


Soon to be La Isla de Mojito

A few rumors were going around about this on a recent CC Facebook thread about “what businesses would everyone like to see in the neighborhood” and I was able to confirm with the owners that this is indeed happening.

The current operators of Grecian Delight are opening La Isla de Mojito, a restaurant featuring Puerto Rican, Colombian, and other Latin fare, in the former Kawayan Grill space between Columbia and Hillman City.

The husband and wife team have a history of working in this style of restaurant–including connections to the very popular La Isla in Ballard. I was told to expect sandwiches, traditional foods, and even live music.

The plan is to open some time in July.

If anyone knows anything more, be sure to let us know.

4 thoughts on “New Restaurant Opening Soon: La Isla de Mojito

  1. Scott Amick says:

    Any update on this restaurant? I haven’t walked past in over a week. When I last saw people working outside in early July they were hoping for a mid-July opening.

    • Anonymous says:

      They opened up yesterday. Funky weird hours. For example, they just NOW turned on their open signs at 4:19pm. And turned them off at 10:41 last night. Seems like after the Grecian Delight got ran over they rushed to open this place up.

  2. samgsea says:

    I’m having dinner at Grecian Delight and they said the new place should be opening “soon”. That’s all I could find out.

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