More on Big Chickie

Big Chickie, the new pollo a la brasa restaurant opening up in Hillman City, has updated their website with new photos, menu-teases, info, etc. Click here to stay up-to-date on the progress:UnderConstructionBanner

Our Big Story

Big Chickie specializes in charcoal roasted rotisserie chicken (also known as  pollo a la brasa).  Inspired by chicken BBQs the world over, we drew upon the pollerias of Peru, chicken joints on the East Coast, and roadside chicken BBQ stands to create Big Chickie.  We hope that when you visit Big Chickie you’ll feel the joy of pulling up to that out of the way roadside chicken shack!

Opening Soon!

We are under construction as you read this.  We will be opening later this summer.  Keep your fingers crossed that all of our remaining permits sail through inspection.   We look forward to meeting you and serving you some pollo a la brasa soon!

Thanks for your Big Support!

We are off to a great start remodeling the old Rudy’s service station on the corner of Rainier and Findlay, but we need your help. Please check out the video that tells the story of the old gas station and why we need your support! Then, consider joining Hillman City Neighbors and friends in supporting this crowd funding campaign.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the wonderful people who have already supported the crowd funding effort to landscape the property.  You will be receiving  your t-shirts or invites to the pre-opening festivities soon!

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