Approved: Rainier Upzone

The Rainier Valley Post’s Amber Campbell is one of the first to report on the breaking news that the Seattle City Council has in fact approved the controversial Rainier Upzone project surrounding Mount Baker Station. Be sure to read the whole piece:

Screen_Shot_2014-05-06_at_1.18.37_PM_oldlypSEATTLE – The Seattle City Council has approved controversial legislation to rezone sections of the North Rainier/Mount Baker neighborhood that surround the Mount Baker Transit Center in Southeast Seattle. Council member and life-time Rainier Valley resident Bruce Harrell was the only no vote at today’s hearing.

Supporters say the rezone, in tandem with the neighborhood plan, is intended to make walking and biking safer, as well as encourage retail success by providing space for new jobs and housing in Rainier Valley.

“This plan promotes a more walkable and bike-friendly neighborhood that connects residents to the investment we have made in light rail. I think the community’s plan has the potential to make the neighborhood truly transit-oriented, all while retaining its unique neighborhood character,” said Councilman Mike O’Brien.

But the plan’s opponents say the rezone will do exactly the opposite…

Click to read the full  story

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