Columbia City Featured on Neighborhoods Video Series

Apparently, Comcast has a program called Neighborhoods where interesting neighborhoods are highlighted in 10 minute video segments. Columbia City is the subject of the most recent installment and it is definitely worth watching. For being an obscure cable-company-hosted online video series (it currently has a whopping 50 views), it’s actually a pretty thoughtful overview of some of the neighborhood businesses, neighborhood history, etc. Watch it here:

This Comcast Neighborhoods program features Columbia City, a diverse and historic community in southeast Seattle. Here are some highlights from the show:

Lottie’s Lounge, a unique meeting spot in the heart of Columbia City, has become popular for its twist on an espresso lounge and bar, serving coffee, food and cocktails.

Ark Lodge Cinemas has been a community landmark since 1921 when it was originally the Columbia Hotel. Now, the neighborhood cinema has become a family friendly and accommodating place for the residents of Columbia City and the Rainier Valley. Designating certain screenings each week to parents with infants and those who are deaf or hard of hearing, Ark Lodge Cinemas is truly devoted to serving its community.

Various consignment shops and lifestyle stores such as Hunt and Andaluz, also add to this trendy urban village, offering residents quirky gifts and good finds.

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