Rumor: 3rd Place Books or Restaurant/Pub Coming to Seward Park PCC Site

A member of the CC Facebook group recently posted the news that the Seward Park PCC site might have a few potential businesses eyeing the property. Currently, there are initial permits looking at using the Wilson Ave site as the location for a potential restaurant and pub. Diving into the Seattle public records for the address, this language pops up from a project description from the end of May:Specific PCCTo be clear: at this point in the process, nothing is at all final (Case in point: remember all of the permits suggesting a  Scott Staples burger place that was possibly coming to the Esmay building?…none of that played out and the building is now for rent).

In fact, another CC Facebook member responded to the original excitement about the prospect of a neighborhood restaurant and pub with a more recent (7/1) email directly from PCC:

You are receiving this message because of interest you expressed in developments concerning the future use of the PCC Seward Park location that will be closed sometime next summer. Nothing final has been decided but we are happy to report that we have been pursuing inquiries from business entities that share our concern that the next occupant of our store site will be welcomed as a neighborhood asset.

One inquiry, from Ron Sher, owner of Third Place Books, is looking most promising but is still in the exploratory stage. Third Place is the enterprise we have been working with as a potential candidate the longest, based largely on our excellent experience with them in the Ravenna neighborhood some years ago.

We will keep you informed as things develop further. Thank you.

Scott McCormick – Store Director Seward Park PCC – 206.723.2720

So, that’s where it currently stands. While, yes, there are initial permits/inquiries into using the site for a restaurant and pub, PCC itself is reporting that Third Place Books has a strong interest in coming to the neighborhood. Also (and I am just speculating here), Third Place has done things like this which would be interesting. Thoughts?


One thought on “Rumor: 3rd Place Books or Restaurant/Pub Coming to Seward Park PCC Site

  1. Jim Holmes says:

    Hello Bookworm Exchange is going to open at Rainier and Mead at the end of August. It will be a much smaller operation than the store in Columbia City, but basically the same. Thanks, Jim @ Bookworm Exchange

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