Confirmed: Bookworm Exchange Reopening

A number of folks have pointed out that it appears Bookworm Exchange, the former Columbia City bookstore,photo[1] is reopening in Hillman City. However, except for the new signage that went up on the corner of Rainier and Mead recently, details are very scarce. There’s no website, the last Facebook post is from the store’s closing in 2012, and no one I’ve spoken to knows any of the specifics. A preliminary search on Seattle’s building and business permits didn’t turn up anything for Bookworm prior to 2004. A quick glance in the window shows a lot of empty shelving–which suggests this might very well be a new storefront (and, say, not just an online operation).

Does this mean Columbia/Hillman city is about to have two bookstores in the future? At this weekend’s movie in the park, I spoke with the manager of the PCC and he said Third Place Books is still very¬†interested in pursuing the soon-to-be-former Seward Park PCC space as new location for the independent bookstore–complete with basement pub/cafe.

If anyone has any more details or thoughts about either Bookworm or Third Place, be sure to chime in.

Update: I spoke with the owner today. Bookworm Exchange is planning to open in August. As he stated in the comments in an earlier post:

Hello Bookworm Exchange is going to open at Rainier and Mead at the end of August. It will be a much smaller operation than the store in Columbia City, but basically the same. Thanks, Jim @ Bookworm Exchange

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