More Details on Flying Lion Brewery


Photo: Seattle Beer News

As many know, Flying Lion Brewery is hard at work, readying their space next to Full Tilt for an opening some time this summer. Seattle Beer News has just published a full write-up on the project and the brothers behind it. Click here for the full article:

Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood is a perfect spot for a brewery, and Flying Lion Brewing hopes to be open soon on Rainier Ave S in a small space right next to the popular Full Tilt Ice Cream. The closest brewery to Columbia City is currently Spinnaker Bay Brewing, located just a few blocks south in Hillman City. Flying Lion will be located right on the main business drag of the neighborhood, making it a great addition to those in search of a beer in South Seattle…

…they will be brewing on a new 3-barrel brewhouse purchased from Stout Tanks & Kettles in Portland, and they will also start off with 3-barrel fermenters. Griffin says, “We were originally looking at just doing a 1-barrel system, but after running the numbers it just made sense to go with the larger system. 3-barrels is pretty much the biggest system we think we can fit in here. We can fit some 7-barrel fermenters in here, but we’ll see how things go the first few months. We’d have to take the door out to get the bigger fermenters in.”

As for what you’ll find on tap at Flying Lion, Griffin says, “Our preference is heavily towards porters and stouts. So, we’ll definitely have more of those on tap than normal for most places, but we’ll have a variety of other styles.” Griffin says his favorite porter in town is the Robust Porter from Reuben’s Brews, which won a gold medal at the recent Washington Beer Awards. Evan’s favorite style is a Baltic Porter, and if time permits they’d love to have one on tap when they open their doors. They plan to have a bar and somewhere around 25 seats in their taproom, and beer will be available for purchase in pints and to-go in growlers. To start off, they will have the taproom open every day of the week, except Tuesday. They will be kid and dog friendly.

Click for full article

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