Seattle Times on the six 37th District State Senate Candidates

The Seattle Times‘ Joseph O’Sullivan has a piece spotlighting each of the six candidates running for the state senate seat for the 37th district (South Seattle down to Renton). All primary ballots must be postmarked by the 5th…the top two go on to the final election in November. Be sure to read the whole piece here:

Pramila Jayapal has been a community organizer, a book author and an advocate for immigrants, but never an elected politician.page1-463px-LD_37.pdf

“I’ve never really been drawn to politics,” said Jayapal, 49. “I’ve been drawn to working from the outside.”

But now Jayapal and five others are vying to become the two candidates chosen in next month’s primary for the 37th District Senate seat. The top two will move on to the November general election to replace Sen. Adam Kline, a liberal heavyweight who has held the seat for more than 15 years.

The primary field includes Jayapal; attorney and civil-rights activist Sheley Secrest; analyst and teacher John Stafford; entrepreneur and teacher Louis Watanabe; union and civil-rights activist Claude Burfect; and the lone Republican in the race, IT professional Rowland Martin.

Ballots for the by-mail primary must be postmarked by Aug. 5.

Once the election-night Champagne has been drunk, the winner will head south to Olympia to grapple with big-ticket issues such as court-mandated education funding and what to do about an aging transportation network.

A sliver of east Seattle that runs south to include Renton and parts of King County, District 37 includes Seattle neighborhoods, such as part of Beacon Hill, Columbia City, Leschi, Mount Baker, North Beacon Hill, Rainier Beach, Rainier Valley, Bryn-Mawr and Skyway.

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