Burglary at Pot Shop

A few active members on the Columbia City Facebook page reported being woken up last night by SPD announcing, “come out with your hands up!” over a loudspeaker. Turns out two teens broke into a medical marijuana business on Brandon and 42nd (above the appliance repair shop). A check on the SPD twitter feed confirmed the early-morning burglary. KOMO has a quick write-up on the incident:

SPD TweetSEATTLE — Police say two teenage boys were caught red handed burglarizing a marijuana dispensary Monday morning.

Officers first got wind of an in-progress burglary at about 4:30 a.m. near 42nd Avenue and South Brandon Street in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood.

When police arrived at the dispensary they found a broken window. An officer looked inside the window and saw someone standing in the business, according to police.

Two teenage boys — ages 15 and 16 — walked out of the business and were arrested

Police searched the boys and found more than 50 marijuana cigarettes, several containers of pot, and various other products.

One of the boys was turned over to his mother, while the other was taken to a crisis residential center. Both are now facing burglary charges.

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