Rumba Notes Lounge

1907444_10154546396800593_6139290056594722589_nAnyone who has been over to Watercress Bistro lately has probably noticed that the billiards next door is gone and there is a new sign up announcing the Rumba Notes Lounge. A few Facebook users inquired with the folks at Watercress, but little is known right now–some saw a clear stage being constructed, others are reporting that there will be African drumming.

If anyone has any details, be sure to share.

One thought on “Rumba Notes Lounge

  1. Sister Barnabas says:

    Heard through the grapevine that Rhumba Notes was having live African Music tonight. Decided to go and check it out. Heard a great band with Naby Camara as the leader. Fantastic to hear a two time Juno award winner at a local club. You GO, Rhumba Notes! Love your large dance floor and reasonable drinks! And if you have a chance, go hear Naby at the Royal Room on Nov. 21st. Oh, and the Kenyan Food next door is killer. Fantastic cabbage, huge whole fish, and marvelous goat.

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