King 5 Highlights Neighborhood Thrift Shops

Kim Holcomb at King5 posted this piece on the neighborhood’s various thrift shops:Hunt-5-200x300 fullstoreResized20

Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood is secondhand heaven for families.

For men, there’s Hunt. Owners Harvey Gorsuch and Qasim Smith share five years of friendship and an eye for reasonably-priced fashion.

“There are things in this store that I would never pay off-the-rack prices for. I love them, but I couldn’t afford to do it,” Smith said.

Their prices are well within reach, including brand-name men’s blazers for as little as $28.

Just across the street from Hunt is women’s store Gather.IMAG3687Chrys4Blog-e1386777412258

“We have about over 2,000 consignors, so we put out about 800 items every weekend,” said owner Megan McCabe.

She and her husband opened the store several years ago.

“My husband lost his job, so we decided, ‘what can we do?'” she said.

McCabe is a former stylist, so womens’ consignment seemed like a good fit. Their gamble paid off.

The store is constantly re-stocking with everything from Valentino leather and lace, to more practical items.

Chrysanthemum, a children’s consignment store, is just one block north. It’s operated by a woman who specializes in children.

“I’m a labor and delivery nurse,” Christina Morehouse-Hidalgo said.

Now, she also clothes babies and toddlers.

Inside her colorful shop, apple boxes display vintage toys and books. And on the racks, you’ll find the kind of unique, quality clothing that can cost a fortune.

“It can, if you’re buying it right off the rack,” she said. “But if you’re buying it the second time off the rack and you have a good eye, you can get a really great bargain.”

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