Cross “Walk-In” for Safe Streets Tomorrow

In response to the recent accident on Rainier  and in an effort to bring more attention to the traffic and safety issues in the neighborhood, concerned neighbors have organized a Cross “Walk-In” for Safe Streets tomorrow at 4:30 at Rainier and Ferdinand. The official Facebook page for the event has all the details as well as an ongoing discussion about what steps should be taken:10678515_10152777971943974_9037886947869869228_n

Please join your friends, family, neighbors, customers,business owners, schoolmates, fellow community members of Rainier Ave. South for a lawful, public demonstration.

Our goal: To promote action from Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to slow traffic on Rainier and improve safety for all.

What will we do at 4:30pm on Friday?
Just cross the street together when the pedestrian light turns to the walking signal.
– We will all cross Rainier at the same time and we will continue crossing until everyone is on the other side.
– Then, we will wait for the next walking signal and cross Rainier in the same manner going the other way
– We will continue to cross the street at Rainier and Ferdinand until 5:30pm.

Please invite your friends and neighbors.

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