Big Chickie + La Isla del Mojito

Just a heads-uLA Islap to everyone that the options for eating in the neighborhood have expanded.

La Isla del Mojito, the new Latin place between 42nd and Brandon on Rainier, is up and running and already serving delicious food–it was a full house when we went there last Wednesday and the food was great. The owners of La Isla are also the owners of Grecian Delight, who narrowly made it out of their destroyed restaurant last week when an SUV plowed into it. They seem a bit shaken up, but excited to be focusing their efforts on a new project as the repair process moves forward (they were saying it could be around 6 months).


AlsoBigChickie to consider is Big Chickie, the new Pollo a la Brasa place just up the street from La Isla in Hillman City.  They’ve had a few soft openings this weekend and the rumor is that the doors could be opening to the public as early as Monday today. Initial reports indicate that the food is delicious. Be sure to check out Big Chickie’s Facebook page for updates.

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