Columbia City Theater Theft

Komo’s Michael Harthorne reported on a recent theft at the Columbia City Theater. The intensely-cologned suspect is still at large:logo22-31

Staff and performers at the Columbia City Theater were able to identity a man suspected of stealing more than $2,000 from the venue Sunday night thanks to the cloud of intense cologne he left lingering at the scene of the crime, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, the owner of the venue found someone had stolen the $2,328 collected from that night’s show from a file cabinet in the office. He also noticed there was a strong odor of cologne wafting about the office area.

The owner told police he realized it was the same cologne he smelled while standing near a man watching the bands earlier. The owner found the odoriferous man hanging out near the bathrooms and confronted him.

According to the report, the man denied stealing anything despite having pockets that appeared to be stuffed with paper. The man reportedly got away from attempts to detain him and ran out of the venue.

The owner came across $180 in cash in a neighboring yard as he followed the man, who crossed the street and got into a black Mercedes sedan parked in a lot, according to the report.

The owner closed the gate to the parking lot and tried to lock it but wasn’t quick enough, having to jump out of the way as the Mercedes sped up to the gate.

According to the report, a woman in a “nice black dress” got out of the passenger seat of the Mercedes, opened the gate and got back into the car. The owner was able to get the license plate number as the Mercedes drove off into the night.

While officers were investigating the incident, one of the musicians who was playing in a band on tour from Portugal came forward and told them he saw the man go into the office earlier and come out adjusting his shirt like he was hiding something. The musician said the man smelled of “intense perfume.”

Police were able to get a name for the suspect from the Mercedes’ license plate number but were unable to find him at any of his listed addresses.

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