Flying Lion Brewing to Open October 22

The much-anticipated wait for Columbia City’s newest drinking establishment to open is just about over. The doors to Flying Lion Brewing (a few doors down from Full Tilt) are scheduled to officially open on October 22nd. From the owners:

Just wanted to follow up and let you know we are opening our doors next week on October 22! We will have some giveaways throughout the week/weekend and we’re aiming for six beers on tap for the opening (Sweet Potato Porter, Rye Stout, Pale Ale, IPA, Belgian Strong, and Red Rye Session).
See attached for our official announcement as well. We’re looking forward to sharing the beer with everyone!Flying Lion Grand Opening copy

One thought on “Flying Lion Brewing to Open October 22

  1. Eve Miller says:

    I am excited about the changes coming to the Full Tilt strip but as I walked by the other day I noticed that the strip still looks dead. A new exterior paint job would make a huge difference.
    Eve Miller

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