Esmay Rumors Continued…Marination?

The Esmay Building (3714 S Hudson St…right across from the Greenhouse Apartments) has long been a topic for neighborhood business rumors, potential, and hopes. I’ve reported before on some initial buzz about a Scott Staples Uneedaburger project… only to have that one eventually fizzle out and the building to continue to sit empty. 532640_482152555160135_1462361460_n

For the past year or so, with the exception to a recent failure to pay utilities notice clearly posted up on the door (intriguingly addressed to Columbia CIty Brewery…which doesn’t really seem to exist),  there’s been zero action on the property.

A few weeks ago however, a new site plan went up–the business owner…Marination. marinationedit

Before you get too excited about those beloved Korean-Hawaiin tacos once again being available in Columbia City (the Marination foodtruck once had a residency in the lot where the new PCC is going in) the initial site plan seems to suggest that the plan is solely to convert the space into a new commissary kitchen. We also know that a posted site plan is by no means a guarantee that anything is going to happen with the space…plenty of them never come to fruition.

Who knows though…perhaps there’s a chance Marination will realize the building would be a great option for a Southend Marination Station or Mai Kai Columbia City.

5 thoughts on “Esmay Rumors Continued…Marination?

  1. Chris Osburn says:

    As long as that commissary had a take out window, that would be enough! 🙂

    • Lauren S. says:

      It’d be a shame if they were here and the neighborhood didn’t get any kind of benefit.

      I’ve always thought Marination would be a great addition to the business district–loyal following, great food, good people. It’d bring a ton of people in for lunch/dinner. That spot would be great for both a kitchen and a restaurant like their Marination Station on Capitol Hill.

      I’d love for that to happen.

  2. RJ says:

    The owners, I think, live in the neighborhood or close by. Marinations kitchen used to be behind Vita in Seward Park. Big blue was always parked behind it.

    Seems like a waste of potentially great and historic retail or restaurant to just turn it into a kitchen. Essentially just a wharehouse no one can enter or shop or eat at. I am sure it is a good spot for them…but it can’t be cheap. If it was, other businesses would have snatched it up sooner. Really doesn’t do anything for the neighborhood except a few jobs maybe.

    Maybe we should lobby them to make it a restaurant as well. Maybe there is a restaurant in the works. ANyone know the owners?

  3. O says:

    I’ve heard the landlord wants way too much and is kind of difficult to work with. That’s why it has sat for so long. Hope its a restraurant and not just a kitchen.

  4. Scott Amick says:

    Maybe they’ll park a truck outside the building to serve people.

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