Crowdfuning For Kelly: Columbia City’s Favorite Barista Needs our Help

Empire Espresso’s own Kelly Mathis could use some help. A recent post on the Columbia City Facebook page clued the neighborhood in that Columbia City’s best barista is undergoing brain surgery for a benign tumor. A crowdfunding site has been established to help her offset the medical costs.

Many a Columbia City Source post has been fueled by a drink made by Kelly. Click here to help out4mac2dG0RhGQXvzGvAGUJQ

Kelly Mathis has a brain tumor. It is benign.

It will be removed. Removing a tumor is not cheap. This fundraiser will help pay for any medical costs plus help her with living expenses while she is on the mend. Kelly is a truly genuine, caring person. She loves her neighborhood, Columbia City. She loves her work as a barista at Empire Espresso. She’s awesome. Please give anything you can.

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