Columbia City Wins Curbed’s 2014 Neighborhood of the Year

Thanks to some solid efforts on the CC Facebook page, Columbia City swept Curbed’s annual Curbed Cup Championship for the 2014 Seattle neighborhood of the year:

fixedseattle2014curbedcup_bracket-16Despite starting out at as a 14-seed, Columbia City dispatched with Queen Anne in easy fashion in the first round. In the second round, voters helped it top Pioneer Square almost 4-to-1. Down went defending Curbed Cup champ Greenwood in the Final Four. In the finals, the showdown between two South Seattle neighborhoods wasn’t even close as Columbia City drubbed fellow underdog Georgetown to claim the title.

Columbia City now joins 2011 champion Fremont, 2012 champion Ballard and 2013 champ Greenwood in the pantheon of great Seattle neighborhoods. Thanks to everyone who voted!

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