Sea Salt Update

seasaltConstruction has been underway for about a month now at the future home of Sea Salt, the new seafood restaurant that’s coming to Columbia City at 4915 Rainier Ave S (the new building in the former Angie’s location).

There’s still not much to report from earlier rumors and hints picked up from city permits, but Sea Salt now officially has a web presence.

A few weeks ago, went live with a basic “coming soon” message and a few tweets have shown up from @seasaltseattle including this one:

The only seafood and raw bar in South Seattle bout to come to Columbia City in Spring!

It’s not much right now, but it’s definitely something to look to forward to. For more info on what is known about the restaurant, click here.

One thought on “Sea Salt Update

  1. […] powder, raspberry jam and nut butter, and add a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar, vanilla extract, sea salt and cayenne with a simmered mixture of almond milk and semi-sweet chocolate. I dunk fresh fruits […]

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