Columbia City Coffee in Chicago?

As many long-time regulars to Columbia City’s beloved Empire Espresso know, the original owner of Empire, Tino Ganacias, left Seattle last year and is now slinging Seattle-style coffee (and Empire-style waffles) in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park out of his renovated food truck, The 206.

Tino got in touch last week and wanted to let the neighborhood know that he’s working on raising funds for a brick and mortar establishment in Oak Park and has launched a crowd-funding effort for anyone interested in playing a role. Click here to check out the seedkick fundraising site for The 206.

2 thoughts on “Columbia City Coffee in Chicago?

  1. Matt says:

    Note: Oak Park is a suburb, not a neighborhood. Imagina the headlines if “Chicago Deep Dish Pizza restaurant opens in the KIrkland neighborhood of Seattle.” People here would be upset. You may want to consider changing a few words around…

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