Esmay Rumor’s Continued: Future Marination Restaurant After All

532640_482152555160135_1462361460_nA couple of weeks ago, I reported that the Esmay building on Hudson (right across from the Greenhouse) was getting converted into a commissary kitchen for Marination’s beloved Hawaiian-fusion restaurants and food truck. As can be imagined, the thought of a prep-only-no-restaurant business in a prime location right in the heart of Columbia City’s business district left a lot of neighbors wishing for more.

Well, good news for everyone craving tacos and sliders: after digging a bit more and discussing the matter with a few people in the know (including Marination directly), a restaurant is definitely in the works for the Esmay building. Public permits and notices submitted to the City of Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development indicate that the project will be done in two stages–the first will be the originally planned commissary kitchen…from there, a second phase of construction will take place, converting Esmay’s into a full restaurant. The following correction notice (where the city had some questions about why a commissary would need a seating area) clarifies the plan:Ordinance Structural Correction Response

While the details of what the restaurant will be are still unclear (Marination currently has three establishments: Marination Station (Capitol Hill), Marination Ma Kai (Alki), and Marination Mobile (food truck)), I’ve been told that a big project is in the works with outdoor seating, a possible beer garden, and major changes to the building listed as part of the plan.  0413_marination-1367007802

So, stay tuned…as we all know,  many potential plans have existed for this site (brewery, burger joint, etc.) and none have come to fruition. This one, however, seems to be the furthest along in the planning stages (type in 3714 S Hudson to see what’s been submitted thus far). While there’s no confirmation on what the restaurant will actually be, we do know for a fact that a commissary is in the works, a restaurant is planned as a second phase, and that Marination is behind it.

One thought on “Esmay Rumor’s Continued: Future Marination Restaurant After All

  1. RM says:

    This is will be a great addition to the Columbia City area.

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