More Info on Future Esmay Restaurant


Marination’s Roz and Kamala. Photo: SeattleMag

Today, I received the following, informal update from the owners of Marination and the team behind the new restaurant project at the Esmay building on Hudson:

The as-yet unnamed project from Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton (Marination, Good Bar) will be the newest addition to the growing Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle, set to open early Fall 2015. Their intent is to create a neighborhood gathering place for coffee and a bite in the morning, brunch on the weekend, or a relaxed lunch or dinner with family and friends any day of the week. 

Not ignoring the sophisticated state of Seattle’s dine-out crowd, the laid-back venture will still offer well-done cocktails, a thoughtful beer and wine list, and an inspired Asian-Hawaiian menu showcasing quality, local ingredients. As with all of Roz & Kamala’s eateries, guests can expect an easy-going vibe and a friendly, aloha-spirited staff.

I’ll be sure to post more info as it comes in. Walking past the space this morning, there is already a crew on location doing interior work.

3 thoughts on “More Info on Future Esmay Restaurant

  1. Ryan says:

    This is huge for the neighborhood. Can’t wait until it opens. I don’t get how a comissary kitchen is going to operate when there’s a bunch of construction going on though. Maybe the comissary is just going to be in the back of the building opening around the same time the restaurant does. Does the plan include the parking lot next door? Is it connected to the house on the corner? Or, is that a separate property? Hoping for a patio.

  2. Ryan says:

    Hope they keep the Esmay sign. Maybe we should help name this place. Suggestions?

  3. Scott (23 year resident of CC) says:

    Glad to see another quality food source coming to the south end. Good luck and I can’t wait to check it out!

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