Lotus Yoga Highlighted by Seattle Times

Lotus Yoga earned itself a special write-up by the Seattle Times. Read Nicole Tsong’s entire piece here. Here’s a snippet:

Fitness - Feldenkrais

Photo by: Benjamin Benschneider, Seattle Times

AS I MOVED my arm inches at a time in space and paid attention to how I lifted my arm and brought it back down, I realized the Feldenkrais Method is not like other kinds of movement.

Much of my experience in movement deals in muscles, strength and coordinating multiple actions at the same time. Feldenkrais brings you and your body down to the granular, a microscopic level of detail to experience a small movement and notice how your body does or doesn’t move. You use your muscles, and it’s small, slow, steady.

I went to Lotus Yoga in Columbia City to experience Feldenkrais. Teacher Sheri Cohen explained Feldenkrais works on the nervous system and rewires your neuromuscular connections for a deeper shift. If she’s injured, she turns to Feldenkrais. I was intrigued…

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