Columbia City Included in Seattle Met’s “10 Hottest Neighborhoods”

Seattle Met magazine has put out their annual “hottest neighborhoods” list and once-again, Columbia City made the cut:0515_Cover_avuseb


The Next Hot Ticket

44% own  •  56% rent  •  $52,528 household income

This southern Seattle neighborhood has seen a particularly steep increase in home sale price, up nearly 12 percent from this time last year. “Columbia City is much more hip than it used to be,” says agent Michael Ackerman. “People buy there because they like the flavor and diversity of the neighborhood.” This includes newer million-dollar properties built on the hills above older communities of bungalows and Craftsman homes.

Not as remote as West Seattle, but far enough south to be considered a sort of sovereign community, Columbia City has a cozy, walkable main drag, cultural happenings at the Columbia City Theater, elite brunching at Geraldine’s, and a convenient light rail stop. Last year saw 144 homes sold here, and as interest continues to grow, buying and renting get more competitive with each passing year.

3 thoughts on “Columbia City Included in Seattle Met’s “10 Hottest Neighborhoods”

  1. Ray Akers says:

    Columbia City is the ‘next hot ticket’? Geez. I said Columbia City was ‘trendy’ around 1999-2000 (and the other Realtors laughed at me). Now, at last, the rest of the city has decided we’re the next hot ticket. Whatever floats your boat!

    ray’s sig

    Ray Akers

    Akers & Cargill Properties

    Seattle, Washington


    “Delivering top-tier real estate services for more than 25 years.”

  2. Manny says:

    When we bought here in 2010 it was already a great place to live.

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