City Council District #2 Candidates

Last week marked the official deadline to submit signatures (or $1,200) to be considered a candidate for Seattle’s switch to a new district election system for City Council. That means, all nine seats are up for grabs. The Stranger’s Heidi Groover has an overview posted about what to expect in each race. Here’s her take on District #2:

Where is it?1431629344-newsmap_500wide

Southeast, including Beacon Hill, Georgetown, Columbia City, Rainer Valley, and Rainer Beach

Who’s running?

Josh Farris
Tammy Morales
Bruce Harrell

What’s this race about?

Josh Farris, an Occupy Seattle and anti-foreclosure activist, is a long-shot contender, but he may pull the race leftward by calling for policies like rent control.

The real battle is between Morales and Harrell, and it will likely focus on public safety. Morales has slammed Harrell for being unpredictable in his positions, beholden to downtown interests, and committing to one position only to later vote another way. As Ansel recently reported, between 2010 and 2013, 99 percent of allegations that police used excessive or inappropriate force were dismissed. And of the “11 most-investigated employees—one was investigated 18 times during the three-year period—every single one of them is still on the force.” Harrell was an alternate member of the city council’s public safety committee during 2010 and 2011 and has chaired that committee since January 2012. Morales argues Harrell hasn’t done enough to hold the Seattle Police Department accountable.

Recently—in a move that sure looks like a campaign tactic to respond to Morales’ criticisms—Harrell stepped up his criticism of the SPD in a briefing about its response to this year’s May Day protests, calling the way an officer leapt off his bike to arrest one protester “idiotic.” This is a departure from Harrell’s tone last spring, when he described council member Kshama Sawant’s criticisms of the police this way to KIRO’s Brandi Kruse: “I think it’s a cheap shot to suggest that the officers are out here just aggressively committing acts of violence.”

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