PCC Officially Open


Photo by Dennis. CC Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “PCC Officially Open

  1. Bill says:

    Very happy to see PCC in a larger space. I’m certain they will be a good neighbor. I wish the same could be said for the Angeline, whose basic design is an insult to the community and whose massive, unadorned concrete walls facing our Historic District feel like a slap in the face. While it is too late to restructure this insult, I would hope the building owners will take immediate action to soften its impact.

  2. Eric says:

    Bill: I believe those walls are supposed to be green walls of some kind. Here’s a view from the originally-released sketches:

    Also: I’m no planner/architect/developer, but it seems like a very deliberate move to not create retail, living, or windows that will someday directly face (or be covered up) by whatever eventually replaces the Bank of America. My guess is that (like most of Columbia City) the BOA property will eventually be sold and redeveloped–whatever goes there will most likely directly abut those (I agree) “massive, unadorned concrete walls” that right now “feel like a slap in the face” to the charm of the neighborhood’s historic district.

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